UCI World Cup #5, Mont-Sainte-Anne , Canada

I wasn’t sure if it was going to make it to the London Olympics but two weeks ago I got word that I would be going again. I’m very honored that USAC would name me to the team since I didn’t qualify automatically and this year has been shaky at best. I feel like I’m getting back on track slowyly though. Hopefully with the Olympic MTB race still almost 2 months away, I’ll find some form between now and then.

I’ve been getting in some great training at home and logging in some good volume. I hadn’t raced for about four weeks when I went to the CO Springs PROXCT. It is so nice to drive to a big race and I was even able to sleep in my own bed after the race. The event itself went about how I expected, I felt strong but not much snap. Trebon put in a good attack towards the end and we couldn’t catch him. The course was fun and flowy, not much climbing and only 1:15 hr race. I was hoping for a bit tougher course and a little longer to get ready for the MSA WC but it was a lot of fun.

A few days back in Durango and the I left for MSA in Canada. I have been going there for what seems like 100 years. MSA has never been very good to me and I can never put my finger on exactly why that is. I like the course, there isn’t too much climbing and it’s exactly like the riding I grew up on. That said, the results have never come for me there and this year was no different. What was different was how dusty the course was. I got there on Wednesday and it was like riding in Durango it was so dry. The course stayed that way until Friday night when it poured! The course is mostly sand based so it doesn’t get too muddy but the roots and rocks sure do get slick.

It rained again on Saturday before the girls race and then dried up again before our start. I thought Georgia Gould had her first ever WC win in the bag when I went to warm up but cramps got the best of her and she had to settle for silver. Not bad but when your poised to win the race I’m sure it was heart breaking.

My race started OK, I didn’t move up much at the start but didn’t drift back either. By the middle of the race I was moving up and thought I had a shot at getting into the top 15. By the 5th of 6th laps I had started to slow down and then the rains came for the last lap. I dropped from 18th to 22nd on the last lap and was floundering all over the course. I felt pretty good but just lost my rythm and couldn’t seem to clean any sections. I almost launched myself off the berm at the bottom of the rock garden but managed to slow down just enough.

I was back at my family’s house in NY on Saturday night after a quick trip back by MSA standards. I’m looking forward to racing in Windham this weekend. I like the course and it has a lot of climbing like our National Champs course in Sun Valley so it should be a good test and good prep.

I wonder what Meg and Winston are doing right now…..


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