Tropical Races


I made it through the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge! It wasn’t easy, that is for sure. Other then the fact some of the fastest MTB racers in the World decided to make the trip down, we had to deal with crazy humidity, searing temperatures, torrential rain storms, leeches and mud, lots of mud. All that said it was an awesome adventure. The best part was the post race party at the beach bar of the Bajerya on Saturday night. Piete put the party together and if ever gets tired of doing massage, he has a career in party planning for sure.

Karl Platt’s mechanic, Lucas helped us all out that week and was happy to blow off some steam after the race. I’m not quite sure what he’s doing here.

The trip back home from Langkawi to Durango was loooooooong. I slept quite a bit and even managed an exit row seat with tons of leg room for most of the flight. I had a Kerin beer in the Tokoyo airport and ran into a good friend Matty on the flight back to Durango. He was coming back from a four day boutique alcohol show in Portland, I think he was worse off then me after my 35 hours of travel.)

I was home just long enough to have Barthel from MBS rebuild my bikes for La Ruta and get my CX bikes together. I had a bunch of new Zipp wheels waiting for me that Spider Monkey had glued up for me and two brand new Specialized carbon CRUXs just waiting to get dirty.

A few days later I was on the road again, this time with my brother Troy and dog Winston, heading up to Boulder for some cyclocross races. The car was packed with 2 bike bags full of MTB bikes, 2 sets of spare MTB wheels, 4 cyclocross bikes, 4 sets of spare cyclocross wheels and all the clothing required to race in the snow in Boulder and in the jungle in Costa Rica. Phew, I think I spent more time packing and unpacking while I was home then doing anything else.

The 10 hr time change was tough to deal with but the hardest thing was going from 100 degrees and 100% humidity to snow, 30 degrees, dry air and 6,500 ft. I was freezing after coming back from Langkawi, heck even Winston was cold with the sudden drop in temperature in CO.

I knew Boulder was going to be hard on the heels of Langkawi but I wanted to get back on the CX scene and see everyone. Plus there aren’t many UCI races I can drive to and the plans had been made. I managed not to crash and felt like I was handling my CX bike pretty well. It usually takes me a few weeks to transition from the MTB to the CX because the MTB handles better in general with the big tires and suspension. I find myself on the ground quite a bit during my first few CX races but that wasn’t a problem this weekend.

I finished up the CX races on Sunday and Meg and I were off to Costa Rica on Monday. Troy took Winston back home along with all my CX stuff so now I’m traveling light with only 2 bike bags, 1 double wheel bag and a carry on. Ha. It was an easy trip from Denver to Costa Rica with a brief stop in Houston where we ran into Cody Kaiser on his way back from the CX WCs in CZH.

Now we are here in Costa Rica and Carlos and his brother in law Roberto having been taking amazing care of us. We are staying in an awesome house 1000 ft above the ocean and start town of Jaco. It is quite a bit of work to go for an EZ spin from here but the views are worth it.



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