Great TV

IMG_1289Over Christmas Meg, Winston and I drove up to Vail to spend the holiday/my birthday with her family. They have a legendary Christmas Eve party and this year it was even better since it snowed. Anyway, on the drive up with stopped at my favorite spot in Silverton, the Avalanche Cafe. When I stay up there for training I always hit this place for mochas and muffins, looks a little different in the summer though.

The weather here in Tucson has been amazing this week, upper 70s to low 80s, plenty of sunshine and not too bad of wind. Rude has been down training for the past few weeks keeping me company while Meg and Winston have been working in Durango. Well Winston has really been logging in the hours now that he got an ergonomically correct keyboard.


Well, anyway like I was saying I got to do some training with Troy this week. He just finished up a big block and we got to do a great ride to the top of Mt Lemmon on Thursday without any arm warmers or jackets. Mt Lemmon tops out above 8,000 ft so there was a little snow at the top but not much. The best part about riding up Lemmon is the Cookie Cabin at the top that sells plate size cookies. I’ve tried to get the sampler per Finsty’s recommendation the past few times I’ve been up there but they’re always out so the chocolate chip has to do the job.

While I’ve been logging in the miles here in the desert, my teammates have been crushing the Cape Epic. It seems like the guys are always so strong but end up having bad luck with punctures and time penalties. This year seems the same but they are still leading going into the last day tomorrow. It’s great Jaro and Susi are riding in memory of Burry and they look poised to win the overall tomorrow. Cherise(Burry’s wife) and Duane(Burry’s brother) are also doing well in the mixed category. Burry’s dad(Mr. Price) and his other brother are also riding the Epic so it’s been a very emotional Epic for everyone.

The past few years Burry and Susi seemed to just ride away from day 1 so it was exciting this year to see Hermida/Rudi win a stage and take the jersey one day and Carl Platt and the Bulls also snag a win and the jersey for a day, even though I’m sure the Songo guys would like to have had the jersey for the entire race.

There have also been some great road races on the past few weeks, Milan San Remo, E3 Catalunya, Torino. Seems like I wake up just in time to catch the last 30 KM each morning, though that cuts into my Rossetta Stone Spanish study time. It’s good for the ride motivation though.

The golf tournaments have also been good lately and I’m watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational while I bust this out.

This week was the NICA movie premiere here in Tucson on Wednesday night but the theatre couldn’t figure out how to play the movie. As a result, it is going to be replayed this Wednesday at the Epic Rides HQ here in Tucson for free I believe, don’t quote me on that though. So if you’re in town, come check it out and if it isn’t free, it’s a great donation to the NICA league.

I finally made it out on the Shoot Out this morning, only needed arm warmers out the door at 7am this morning and the sun was even up. Of course the rides switch to 6:30am on Tuesday so I’ll be rolling out in the dark again but the Tuesday morning ride should grow in size a bit since more people can do it before work. The Shoot Out was a little smaller then normal today which makes it a bit less punchy but much harder to sit in and makes for much more time on the front of the group, especially up Madera. Groveled on a bunch of wheels and finished the ride off with TJ Tollakson up the backside of Gates. What a great day of training, 110 miles all before 1 pm.

I wonder what Winstons’ doing right now….


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