March in Arizona

I don’t know if there is any place nicer in late March then Tucson. The weather is generally upper 70s to low 80s. The days are long and the sunsets are amazing. The mornings are around 55 degrees when the sunrises and the group rides kick off. Speaking of the group rides, there are still plenty of fast guys in town so there is no shortage of motivation to suffer. Just the other day the wild flowers started to pop.


I would say it’s equivalent to Durango in July, that’s tough to beat. The best part of the day has to be the evenings though. Every night I either go for a sunset spin on the Starr Pass trails or Gates Pass loop.

Or, now that Meg is back we go for cocktails at the pool.

Or, if it’s too cold we can just hang out in JW and enjoy the view.

This weekend was amazing for sports. Susi and Jaro of team Songo/Burry Stander won the Cape Epic in dominating fashion even after getting lost on course and not getting the time given back to them when Merida and the Bulls did the following day. Max Know and Kohei of Songo gave them great support and were instrumental in getting them a new wheel in the first days of the race to help them in their victory. Unfortunately Kohei crashed hard on day 6 and messed up his hand so they couldn’t finish. On Sunday I think I watched Catalunya, Criterium International and Gent finish all within one hour, the internet is great. Then on Monday I watched Tiger win the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Oh yea, and the U of A basketball team made it to the Sweet 16 this weekend too. Phew, good thing the Shoot Out starts at 7 am so I can get in 5 or 6 hours by 1 pm.

I have been hitting the Cartel coffee shop quite a bit too now that Meg is back in town. This is one mean cappuccino.


Finally we end every sunset with a little bit of ball on the golf course with Winston. He is one lucky dog.


I wonder what Rude is up to now that’s he’s back in Durango……..


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