Smell the Flowers

Spring has sprung here in Tucson. 80s all week and the flowers are starting to pop here in teh Sonoran desert. I have had a few easy days so I decided to take some pictures of the flowers here in Starr Pass. Most of these were taken on the Golden Gate Trail.

ImageThe yellow flowers are pretty abundant but the purple are just starting to bloom. The Prickly Pears have a bunch of buds on them but I haven’t seen any flowers quite yet.

ImageThese flowers are nice to look at but you can’t take your eye of the trail for long here. The riding is really rocky and technical. If you happen to go off the trail there are tons of cactus everywhere. Finally, just stopping to take a picture you have to be very careful before you put a foot down that you don’t step on any rattle snakes, eeewwwwwww.

Not much has been going on this week. I’ve been to the dirtjumps a couple of times, washed the bikes and spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the pool. I did managed to bash my shin on a box jump gone wrong at the gym. Reminds me of when I was racing BMX, would slip a pedal and have a bloody shin for the next 3 weeks.

I have been getting into this stuff quite a bit lately too.
ImageIt only has 45 calories and about 80 MG of caffeine, so it’s just a bit more then a shot of espresso.

I have also really taken a liking to Tooleys here in Tucson. They have the most amazing salted mexican chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip banana bread.  They also have good tacos but the pastries are absolutely amazing. Image

I’m getting back to training tomorrow with some intervals on tap and hoping to make it up to Mt Lemmon for a Cookie Cabin cookie, seems like my training revolves around burning enough calories for my next cookie or pastry. I’m hoping to loop the dirt road backside ascent of Lemmon since the snow should be all gone by now and it’s suppose to be 90 the next few days, so even at 8,000 ft it should be pretty warm.

Can’t remember if I’ve posted since the STXC in Fontana, I won! It was a double win weekend and I earned it myself on Sunday with no one having any mechanicals. The course in Fontana was so much like a crit, they took all the climbs and single track out so it was just a dirt road oval. Myself, Trebon and Bishop were off most of the day with Keegan getting in there in the beginning too. Since it was so fast it was quite tactical and I actually timed my attack on the last lap correctly for once. When I say it was fast, we averaged over 20 mph so that is really fast for a MTB race.

Time to log in some laps at the pool.

I wonder if this lifeguard will be on duty….


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