IMG_1509This is what they call “The Sampler” available at the Cookie Cabin on top of Mt. Lemmon. This is Finsty’s favorite cookie up there, I think I prefer the chocolate chip but just about any cookie tastes good after climbing up that mountain. It consists of six different types of cookies all rolled into one. And that isn’t s a mini paper plate, that is a full size plate dwarfed by the huge cookie.

I have been getting in some great training this week. I managed to do the Mt Lemmon dirt road ride for the first time this year. It takes just over 6 hours and has about 26 miles of dirt. This is the first time I’ve done it with no snow and it was HOT. The road was in pretty good shape and I actually saw 3 or 4 cars on the dirt whereas in the winter I usually don’t see any. When you finally get to the fire station at the top and see that smooth pavement after spending the better part of 2 hours climbing on the dirt it seems like a dream. When you finally get that big cookie it is better then a dream:)

The Shoot Out is still pretty big even a week into April. There may not be quite as many guys in town but it’s still a great group and with TJ Tollakson riding his TT bike on the front of the group at 30 mph uphill it makes it hard to get away. The past few weeks have even seen a decent amount of people doing the Madera Canyon extender so after you kill each other going up, you have a nice group to ride back into town with.

Ran into this guy the other day at AZ Cyclist. He’s doing well and all recovered from his ankle injury. The guys at the shop always have great mexican food recommendations and this time they sent us to B.K. Tacos on 1st and it was AWESOME! It’s my new favorite taco place in town.

With temperatures pushing up towards 90 Meg has moved her office outside. It has been absolutely perfect lately and the greenest I’ve ever seen it in the desert.

So ever since Fontana Meg has been on a chocolate malt kick. She tried one at 31 flavors out there but it didn’t do it for her so we had to hit the DQ down on 4th Ave the other night. It is a pretty cool DQ, old skool style and has probably been around for a few decades. I still think the coolest DQ is in Silver City at Tour of the Gila. It feels like you’ve gone back in time and you can watch the kids race their cars up and down the Main St. which is about as much entertainment as you can ask for out there.

Between training and eating I have been working on my tubing skills. This is no Animas river by any means but I still think Meg has a long way to go with her tubing. She likes to walk with the tube around, whereas I prefer to sit in and move at the pace of the river. Ahhh

This week there has been a lot discussion about the UCI rule forcing all UCI license holders to only race sanctioned events. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding going on about who the rule effects, who enforces it and what the consequences are for breaking it. I would obviously like to be able to race any and all events but I haven’t known the UCI to ever change a rule with out a huge fight. I hope somehow USAC and the promoters can find a way to work together because I’m not very optimistic about this rule getting changed, think it’s been on the books since the first NORBA National back in the 80s. What ever your opinion I think the promoters, USAC and the UCI all want to see bike racing grow but they all have different ideas of how to achieve that and right now it is at a boiling point. Change is always hard and in order for something big to change there is usually some pain involved and I think we are going experience that in the near future.

Yesterday I did my second crit of the year, the Focus GP up in Phoenix. It was fun race and not nearly as nerve racking as the Old Pueblo Grand Prix although there was still a stoopid crash. I always suffer in crits and it is such great training for the new XC style of mountain biking. I think if I could race about 100 crits a year I might be able to boost my VO2 Max enough to be able to sprint with guys at the finish when I’m already at my limit. Maybe but then again, maybe not.

Today we are suppose to have a giant wind storm rolling through town with sustained winds at 30-40 mph and gusts as high as 60! I’m hoping to spend as much time on the MTB as possible although these guys don’t offer much shelter from the wind.
IMG_0473I wonder what Rude’s doing right now…..


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