IMG_1567This is the door to the “Shaun Palmer” room. It is the only room I’ve seen at HQ with anyone’s name on it, pretty cool.

Howie and I headed out to Morgan Hill this week to meet up with the rest of the MTB squad, see the company and get a ton of information on what’s going at Specialized these days. It’s always great to reconnect with the team and going to the offices there is so much cool stuff you could spend days just looking at all the unique bike stuff, pictures, one offs, etc….

It was strange meeting up with the team and not having Burry there. I kew it was going to be weird when the whole team got together and he wasn’t there. This year we are all riding for him, so you are going to see a lot of Burry jerseys out there. Would rather have just one with him in it but think this is a nice tribute the team is doing and I think we’re all honored to be riding with his name on our backs.

So we had a pretty busy couple of days at the office but one thing that is mandatory if you ever go to Specialized is doing the legendary “lunch ride” No matter how busy people are, they find the one hour at noon to go out and beat up on each other. This year they were telling everyone it was going to be an easy ride but I knew better. I have rarely been on an “ez” group ride and I’ve never been on an “ez” lunch ride. It’s cool seeing the whole team from the XC squad to dirt riders like Darren Berrecloth, Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan suit up and throw down on the road bike. I have to say Troy looks more like an XC rider then I do. A lot of people think they only ride DH but all those guys are super fit and can hammer on the road bike.

The Caveman is in the house this week and they even gave him his own hammer. For those that don’t know who Conrad Stoltz is, he is a many time Xterra World Champ and probably the fastest triathelte to ever ride a mountain bike. He is also from South Africa and is know to live in caves on occasion.

I was hoping for a longer blog but the pictures are uploading slow and I’m running out of time before we head off to check out the course.

I wonder what Winston is doing right now…..




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