IMG_1611I’ve been working on my home gym lately. Seems like each year I get a new piece of equipment for it. Last fall I got some free weights for dead lifts and now I’ve got these Jungle Gym straps for bridges, squat jumps, etc…. I still need to construct some wall for banging a medicine ball on a rope off of but that hasn’t happened yet.

The weather in Durango this week has been a little strange. We started out the week with temperatures in the 80s but big winds. Yesterday it was 50 something but no wind, at least it has been sunny all week. The family has been in town all week and yesterday we went hiking on the Colorado trail. Winston was showing off, always posing on rocks.

I have to give a big thanks to Drew at http://www.Boure.com for fixing my podium legs. I blew out a zipper in one of them when the compressor got stuck on and I tried to unzip the leg before it was deflated. Those guys sewed the zipper back in and now they work good as new so thanks. They have been making cycling clothes here in Durango since I’ve been in town and super cool.

Dave Hagen, the FLC cycling coach just converted his front yard into a pump track. It’s amazing the passion for the sport everyone involved with cycling at the Fort has. I don’t think Meg would let me do this to our front yard. I can’t wait until it’s all finished since it’s the only trails I can ride to from my house since there are no working seats on dirt jump bikes these days:)

Winston and Maddie have been becoming much better friends lately. Maddie usually lives upstairs and Winston only ventures up there to eat her food when we’re gone. Here the two are meeting in the middle.

I’ve been on a break all week and yesterday I went out to practice some drops on my Stumpjumper FSR 29er. I don’t know how productive that is since I can ride off just about anything with that bike. I can’t believe how well it soaks up any drop. Taking that to the hardtail with a full seat post while anaerobic is another story but you gotta start somewhere. This drop is in Horse Gulch and they even built a rock staircase next to the drop so there are two options and it’s much easier to walk back up the trail now. It’s crazy how small things look in pictures and on TV. When you stand on top of something it seems a lot bigger. I can’t even imagine the stuff the guys ride in Redbull Rampage, completely insane.

One thing guaranteed during a rest week is I will gain a bunch of weight and be tired the whole time. Weight goes on about 4X as fast as it comes off for me. It’s funny too that I can ride my bike all day and have more energy then just hanging out doing nothing but such is the life of a bike racer. I’m looking forward to gearing up my training tomorrow, might even race the Alien Run MTB race in Aztec, N.M. this weekend. Don’t have many races I can ride to, although it is a pretty long ride so I’d have to get up pretty early.

Tonight the whole family is going painting at Cocktails and Creations. It’s going to be awesome since last time I did it I had just had my wisdom teeth out and still had a good time so this time should be awesome.

I wonder what we’re going to paint tonight…..



One response to “Spring

  1. Well, did you end up riding to the Alien Run? And then back? Superhumans are never content. Nice job on besting the field! That was a fun ride, indeed!

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