Colorado Livin’

IMG_1649The past few weeks since the Whiskey have been great. My parents came to town right after the race and stayed for a week. We had great weather and got to do some fun stuff. I had a rest week while they were here so I even got to hit up the dirt jumps and practice some drops.



Last weekend I got to race the Alien Run for the first time ever in New Mexico. I had never even ridden the Aztec MTB trails until last weekend so it was cool to check out some trails close to home. I was able to ride there and back from home which usually only happens once a year for the Hagan Classic if I’m in town. Needless to say the trails are awesome, a mix of fast flowy stuff and rough slick rock make for a fun day.

This week I had hoped to do some big training but the altitude has been killing me all week. I managed to bust out some intervals but then it would take me twice as long to recover as it did in AZ. And, I would put out way less power, have poor HRs and would be breathing like a locomotive so it was a tough week even if the training wasn’t that productive. I’m hoping once I get back down to sea level I’ll have the 3 week altitude benefit and it won’t take me as long to acclimate when I get back from Europe as well.

The weather this past week didn’t help the motivation either as I rode in the rain more days then I didn’t. That may seem normal for spring in most places in the world but when the sun doesn’t shine for a few days in Durango it’s a little odd. The German told Rude about a race up in Eagle, CO this weekend that had $2,000 to win and a good amount for the other podium places. We decided that was a good enough reason to load up the truck and make the 5 hour drive up north.

It was nice to travel up and back with Rude, Meg and Winston for my third race in as many weeks I could either drive to or ride to. I’m really getting spoiled doing these fun races with great prize money that don’t require the hassle of air travel and allow me to be home for dinner the night of the race. This weekend’s course at the Eagle Outdoor Festival was a fun course that was touted as 40 miles but ended up being closer to 30. The trails were in perfect condition with all the rain this week, even Jungle Jay Henry said he had never seen his local trails in such amazing shape.

Eagle is only about 20 miles from Meg’s family home in Avon so we stayed with the family and got eat at Bob’s Place(Meg’s family resturant). It was a quick trip but well worth it as I was able to take the win. Rude rode with Fernando and I for the first half of the race before hitting the wall and finishing up around 8th with the German coming on later and moving into 2nd. I think this is the coolest trophy I’ve ever won.


Winston got to play with Charlotte and Oscar(kittens) for the few hours we were at the house. Charlotte liked him and Oscar liked to attack him so it was a love/hate relationship.

I’m off to Albstadt tomorrow for the first Worlds Cups. It’s tough to leave Durango right now as the weather is finally good with temps in the 70s, abundant sunshine and perfect trails from the recent rain. I’m also jealous of Fernando who is off to Costa Rica for the and some other UCI Marathon events down there. If the Guanride was any other time I would be down there for sure because Tamarindo has to be one of my favorite places in the world, guess I’ll just have to settle for La Ruta. Speaking of La Ruta, it’s one week earlier this year so that means I should be able to race the Iceman again, if I don’t just stay in Costa Rica and never come back;)

I wonder what the next 2 weeks have in store……



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