IMG_1701This is our hotel for the week in CZH, The Medlov. I would have to say that the star ranking system varies quite a bit globally. The place isn’t as bad as it looks, the internet is pretty good, we have our own bedrooms and the food is OK. The waiter does remind me of a bad guy from just about any James Bond movie but you can’t have everything.

I have been getting in some good training this week since I didn’t really get to race last weekend. It’s funny, I had all the stress of the race with preparation, start, etc but didn’t gain any of the fitness benefits from racing. So it’s like I got all the bad stuff and none of the good. I even managed to get some calf bruises from trying to jump on my bike after waiting in line only to smash it on the guy’s handlebar behind me every time I tried to jump on. I have been passing by this sign quite a bit this week, not Weezy….
IMG_1698We have a pretty relaxed week here in Nove Mesto but now the hotel is starting to fill up and race day is approaching. The course is pretty similar to last year except they extended one of the rock gardens and added a bridge option as well so there are a total of 4 lines through it instead of 2.

Benno has been keeping us entertained with stories of when he was in the army. I almost threw up last night I was laughing so hard at one of them. We have been passing the time watching the Giro, still have to watch it on the computer even in Europe. Seems like everything I do here is based around when the next meal is coming. Breakfast of course first thing in the morning. Then ride so that I finish around lunch time at the trailer. Or, if it’s a long ride, just a break at the trailer in the middle. Finally, dinner never seems to come early enough then it’s a mission to stay entertained until it’s time to go to bed. Between my book and iTunes I have been making it happen. I think I’ve watched the same Entourage episodes about 10 times.

Oh yea, and the music they play at dinner is too much. Some old Czech tunes mixed with some Marvin Gay and various other random tunes. It seems to get louder too as the week draws on. That’s about it


I wonder what Meg is doing right now……



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