World Cup 2

Speciailzed_NoveMesto_44I had high hopes for Nove Mesto but things didn’t go quite as I hoped. In fact, things didn’t go anything like how I had planned. Like most of the week in CZ, I woke up race morning to grey skies and freezing temperatures. I guess it wasn’t quite freezing, upper 30s but that’s cold enough. Burrrrrr.

I knew right from the start it was going to be a rough day. The start of a World Cup has to be one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced on purpose. If I’m having a good day I can usually maintain my position in the group, a great day I can move up a bit and a bad day I start to drop right away, this weekend was the latter.

I managed to stay focused for a few laps and tried to move up but about 1/3 of the way into the race I stagnated and then started dropping back. I knew I was going slow but there was nothing I could do about it, I was suffering and going no where. I could tell I wasn’t putting out any power but there is no where to hide in a MTB race when it’s not your day. I thought for sure I would get lapped but somehow I finished on the lead lap. It started pouring on the last lap and I was freezing even before that. The roots got slick at the end but the ground holds water really well there so the mud wasn’t an issue.

Needless to say it was a disappointing day. I usually know when I’m riding good or bad so I’m prepared for the result I’m likely to achieve. I thought I had some pretty good form heading into these WCs but obviously it wasn’t as good as I thought. It was awesome to hang out with the team again but it was really sad not to have Burry there. That was the first World Cup trip I have been on with out him for a long time.

Theresa’s mom made us an amazing cake/pastry early in the week. It was amazing. Then Jaro’s mom brought us 3 cakes after the race. I was already having an eating contest with myself all week and these didn’t help, they were so good.

I managed to keep my room pretty clean all week. In fact, I think it was the cleanest I’ve ever kept my room in Europe.

We had some fun team dinners with Benno keeping us entertained with his days in the Italian army. Piete always has something to add as well with his latest vacation/adventure plan.

Howie and I had a long trip home from Czech, almost 28 hours door to door. Everything went smooth though and we only arrived about 45 minutes late which isn’t too bad for the final flight into Durango, it’s always delayed. The good thing about going to bed at 1am coming back from Europe is I managed to sleep until 8:30. Last night I went to bed at 10 so I woke up 5, think I need to stay awake longer tonight.

It’s nice to be home and it’s great to see the sun again. Everything is pretty green here in Durango right now, not quite Albstadt green though.

I even found time to go see Doug at Incognito for a haircut yesterday.

I have two more days at home and then it’s off to Birmingham for PROXCT #5  this weekend. It looks like the weather is going to be the complete opposite of the past few weeks, upper 80s and plenty of sunshine which is fine with me.

I wonder if Dylan, Patty and Piete have made it to Campo de Casa yet for the ITU Madrid…….




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