High Liv’n

IMG_1898So right after flying home from swampy sea level XC National Champs I went straight up to my Purgatory Base Camp to get ready for Leadville. Meg’s boss, Lori was nice enough to let both myself and Meg’s family stay at her condo, Elk Point 6 for the week and it was awesome: http://rentals.durango-colorado-vacations.com/rns/search/6EP.aspx

I had a little break and and got to do some of this with my sweet new push cart.

So I had been sleeping up at Purgatory and hanging out in Durango all day before heading back up the mountain to sleep. After Meg’s family left I moved to Silverton, a little bit higher, up to 9,318 ft.  Sarah Tesher has been nice enough to let me stay in her train house over here the past couple of years. It is really quaint and a perfect spot to get acclimated.

Since I have been in Silverton I have been getting in some big rides. Seems like you can’t do a ride with less then 6 or 7,000 ft of climbing over here if you’re going for 3:30 hrs. If you’re going for 6 you can get in between 12-14,000 ft and some of that above 13,000 ft. Those are some big numbers but the problem is it rains like crazy over here. Yesterday it was socked in and about 45 degrees so I went to Durango to bust out a Navajo Damn loop. When it’s 45 in Silverton and raining it’s about 90 and sunny in New Mexico so it’s worth the 50 minute drive back to Durango. The Sportsman closed down in Navajo Damn a few months ago so now the only option to reload on drinks is Abe’s.

Since the train doesn’t have internet I have been passing the time watching show by tethering my phone to the computer. I blew through nearly 5 GB in two days! Phew, that’s a lot of data so I’ve been trying to do most of my downloading at the coffee shop. I have a few more big days of riding planned before driving up to Denver on Thursday night to fly to VT for the PROXCT finals on Friday. Then it’s straight back to Breckenridge on Saturday evening to meet up with Susi and company and then on to Leadville on Monday.


Speaking of the Schmooz, here is a little something to remind him of home.


I wonder if it’s raining over in Durango like it is here in Silverton……..




3 responses to “High Liv’n

    • I usually do a bit of intensity on Tuesday, a long easy ride on Wed, short easy ride on Thurs, a short ride with some efforts on Friday and that’s pretty much it.

  1. Thanks for the reply! Good luck this weekend! There’s been a few sightings of “Sauser’s Helmet” out there today. LOL.

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