East Coasting

IMG_2060You know you’re on the east coast when you see stuff like this. This is some serious lawn furniture. Guess it’s almost time for Halloween.

After the race last weekend, I picked up Meg at the airport and headed into NYC to do some sightseeing. First up was a trip to Little Italy for dinner, it wasn’t quite Italy, but a whole lot closer.
IMG_2049The next day we did some coffee shop tours and went to check out the 9/11 Memorial.  I think I walked an equivalent of 36 holes of golf that day with out any of the golf. When we finally got on the train to go back home I was pooped.

I got some nice training in during the week at the family’s house, plenty of intervals on Mohonk Mt. I thought my CX form was coming around and I was looking forward to going back to Burlington for the Catamount CX races. We made it up to VT in time to check out Lea’s favorite ice cream place, Palmer Lane on Friday night.

Saturday was race 1 and with all the rain overnight the course was pretty soft and a little bit slick. My race started off good enough and at the midway point I was sitting in the front group thinking about attacking when TJ hit it and I got dropped. I spent the remainder of the race watching the leaders disappear up the road and had to settle for 6th. I was hoping for much more but that’s bike racing and I had another shot 24 hours later.

The course dried up quite a bit from Day 1 and we rode it the opposite direction. The start was 100 meters on the grass straight into a mud/rut section. As soon as we hit the mud someone crashed into my side, took out my spoke in the rear wheel and I don’t know how I didn’t crash. I was sideways in the air with both feet out of the pedals. The pit was a long way and my broken spoke managed to get wrapped up in my cassette and I even had some fixed gear action going on at one point. I finally got to the pit and grabbed a new bike but then had a slow leak in my rear tire so it was back to the pit again. Seemed like I was spending more time in the pit then on the course. I eventually managed to get going and make it to within maybe 15 seconds of the lead group going into the last lap. I never made contact and got out sprinted at the line to take another 6th. At least I felt like I was riding a little better on Sunday.

After the race it was up to Stowe to hang out with my buddy .6(his GPA when we went to FLC). It was good to see him and get the tour of Stowe, the family violin business and have some great pizza. I drove right by Ben and Jerry’s but never made it in for the factory tour, that’s on my list for the PROXCT next year.

Tomorrow it’s off to Vegas, from 100% humidity to 0%. I’m looking forward to Cross Vegas and then some time off at home in Durango. My golf game needs some serious attention these next few weeks and we’re going to witness a Schultz getting hitched.

I wonder what Winstons doing right now.


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