Fall is Here

IMG_2063I don’t know what the deal is with me and CX Vegas but I can never seem to do anything there other then ride around, never contribute to the race. I tried a different build up this year but that didn’t work either. Oh well. It’s awesome to see what it has grown into over the years and is such an amazing event. They even have cloth numbers that don’t rip right when you pin them on. The best part of the race for me was getting my new S-Works Disc Crux’s before the race, amazing.

After Vegas it was home to Durango for some R & R. I had a great week off the bike. I played quite a bit of golf with Barthel and Gilby

Meg, Winston and I went for some hikes

Snoodle came back to town and Andy and Alison Shultz got married, Sam was in town to help blow stuff up at Andy’s bachelor party

It was a beautiful wedding here in Durango

After the wedding it was time to get back to training. The weather had been awesome up until last week so I got some good high country road and MTB rides in. This one is close to town but I don’t ride too often.

I also got to race the Road Apple Rally MTB in Farmington, N.M.. It was the 34th consecutive year for the race and the list of names that have won it is pretty impressive, Tomac, Furtado, Ned, etc…. All the legends of the sport have their name on that race and it is just a blast. 30 miles in just over an hour and half. The race course is like a giant pump track so when you get tired from pedaling you just start pumping. Then when you’re upper body is tired from pumping you switch back to pedaling.

This weekend it was back to cyclocross for my favorite CX weekend of the year, the Colorado Classic and Boulder Cup. I don’t get to drive to many races so it’s a luxury to load up the bikes and and have Meg and Winston for company traveling to the race. Of course we always seem to drive through some sort of snow storm on the way up and this year was no different with fresh snow on Wolf Creek Pass just out of Pagosa.

The race got moved up 2 weeks this year from the end to mid October. That worked perfect though as La Ruta also got bumped up a week so it’s similar preparation to the previous years, just a few weeks earlier. I found a new favorite coffee shop thanks to Myron, Box Car. Ummmmm

Day 1 of Boulder is always at the Reservoir which is know for their abnormally high amount of goat heads. I flatted 2 times pre riding the course on Friday night but not on race day which is all that counts. I had a pretty good race and the way the course was laid it out this year we were just a line of 70 riders for most of the day. There were tons of corners and it was pavement hard so the race didn’t split much. On the last lap we were a group of 4 chasing Trebon who had gotten off the previous lap when I slid out around a corner, lost the group and ended up last of the group or 5. Not a great result but a fun race and was part of the race.

Day 2 was the Boulder Cup at Valmont where Nationals are going to be in January. The Valmont course has a small hill so there is a little more elevation change then the reservoir. The course was still bullet proof hard so again the racing was pretty tight. I managed to get off the front towards the end of the race unintentionally when Trebon crashed in the sand pit. Powers joined me a lap later and with 2 to go I was suffering to stay on his wheel. I somehow thought it was 1 to go and was determined to stick his wheel which worked until we hit the start/finish and I realized there was another lap to go. From there I cracked mentally and got caught by Ben Berden. I made another mental mistake pulling over and letting him by when he caught on with less then 4 minutes remaining because I couldn’t get back past him and he beat me in the sprint. You think someone that has been racing as long as I have would be a little wiser but when the lactic builds up it’s hard to think straight.

It was a good weekend of racing and fun to see everyone again. Meg’s parents came up too so it was good to see the family as well. Now I’m back in Durango for a week before taking off for La Ruta. I’m trying to decide if I should pump up the volume or keep it short and get some good intensity in before the race. Either way I have some walking across rail road track bridges and hiking up Hog’s back with my bike in the next few days of training.

I wonder if Amy D is spinning laps up there with Burry……



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