Break Time

IMG_2306I have been lycra free since Iceman. I can usually stay away from the bike for a while with out much trouble when I take my break I’m usually getting some type of exercise. I either go for a run, hike, lift weights or do something. This year I have been really taking it easy, the only thing I’ve done is golf and hit the dirt jumps occasionally. That doesn’t really count either since I usually take about six pedal strokes, hit the jumps and then walk back to the start.

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go to Moab to hang out at the NICA Utah State Championships. It was awesome! They had over 400 kids racing and it’s only the second year. The vibe at the race was awesome and they have the complete spectrum of kids from first timers to serious racers. The one thing I noticed is how much of a family activity it is for everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many teenagers willingly hanging out with their parents anywhere, super cool.

I was hoping to play some golf while I was in Moab but it was a pretty quick trip. I did manage to hit the dirt jumps there and they were in awesome shape. I can’t get over all the new trails and riding there is in Moab. I have to get back there with MTB soon, don’t think I’ve ridden there in the last 3 yrs.

I have been playing  a lot of golf the past couple of weeks. I don’t know what happened but somehow I shot a career round 75 and then followed it up with a 77 two days later. I think I lost all my game though as things seemed to have returned to normal but it sure has been a lot of fun playing. The weather has been about as good as it can get this time of year in CO with blue sky and temps in the 60s.

I had another trip early this week when I went out to San Fransisco for the second annual Clif Bar Athlete Summit. Clif Bar is an amazing company and it’s always great to visit, especially when 25 of the best athletes from all different sports(cycling, climbing, running, surfing, try, wing suit, etc) are there as well. The event starts out with a casual dinner as people arrive and we always end up going out way to late the first night when a 7:30am trip to the office follows the next day. When they have this waiting for us in our rooms what else would you expect.

Thursday we spent all day at Clif Bar hanging out, getting tours, making bars, listening to the band and of course Happy Houring. Leah and I made an awesome Cocoapelli Bar but we didn’t make it to the finals, maybe next year.

Friday is the marque day of the Athlete Take Over, the scavenger hunt. Last year we raced around San Fran in little 2 seater, open roof go karts searching for clues and doing challenges in the pouring rain. This year the weather was perfect and the route was expanded. We started at the hotel at 8am and had to be back by 5pm.

My team consisted of Freddy(climber), Molly(skier), Blake(cyclist) and our driver Andrew(Clif employee). We were the green team and once we located the first destination and met up with our driver we were off. Here were some of the things we were doing along the way.

First up was Freddy running across the Golden Gate Bridge on a picture perfect day.
Then we were off to Mill Valley where Molly hula hooped for 56 minutes straight! Blake was offering her some shade around the 45 minute mark.

After that we blasted up the Dipsea steps, got picked up by Andrew and our next stop was the top of Mt Tam to get setup with demo bikes from Specialized! Our next clue had us shredding down some awesome trails all the way to the Hwy 1 where we rode another mile downhill to the Pelican Inn for frites, beer and our next clue. From there we were off to a sustainable farm a few miles back up the road. We had to do some farm work before we got lunch and our next clue. Most of the teams were there and we all chowed down together at the most beautiful farm in the world.
IMG_2373I don’t know what was more fun, ripping down Mt Tam or our next stop out at Stenson Beach for surfing. Yep, we raced to the surf shop, squeezed into wetsuits and headed for the water. It was a perfect spot for mostly non-surfers to catch a wave and I think everyone got up. It was so much fun but we still had to head over to Fairfax for ice cream and get back to the city before 5. We made it by 10 minutes and it was the most fun I have had in a loooong time.

The day wasn’t over though because our evening activities consisted of having a 10 lane bowling alley to ourselves along with some incredible tapas style dinner and an open bar. The bowling alley closed at midnight but our night didn’t end then and it was another tough morning flying home. I had such a great time but I am in need some recovery after that. It’s going to have to wait for a few more days though because Troy and I are off to Mexico for a couple day on Tuesday. I have done some serious de-training on this break and I still have 1 more week to go.

I wonder what adventures lie ahead in San Pancho…….



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