Grand Raid


Better late then never, here is a video from Leadville, hard to believe it was just one week ago. And I forgot to post this earlier but they said the Leadville site got 4,200,000 hits on race day alone! Those are some big numbers.

Since Leadville went so well I opted to skip World Cup finals and instead head over to Switzerland for the the Grand Raid: The Grand Raid and World Cup finals both take place next weekend in the Alps and are less then a 3 hr drive apart. Instead of hanging out with the XC team this week in Meribel I’ll be holed up in Verbier. Grand Raid is in Susi’s words “the Swiss version of Leadville”. It might not have the altitude of the Colorado classic but it certainly makes up for it in climbing. Leadville is 104 miles, has 11,500 ft climbing and took 6:16 this year. GR is 80 miles, has 16,000 ft of climbing and took 6:15 last year. Seems like Leadville with 2 extra climbs and no flat sections.
Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.30.12 AM

I’m even bringing this over in hopes of pre-riding some of the course. The course seems really remote so I figured I better be prepared. I think the weather rolls in pretty fast up there too because a bunch of people had to get helicoptered off the peak last year when it started rain/snowing. On the plus side I hear there is a 10,000 Euro Rolex that goes to the winner. I’m just hoping to finish but it is something to shoot for.
I had a few days off after Leadville and then started to ramp up the training again. The weather is perfect in Durango right now and with the rain we got earlier in the week the trails are in prime condition. It warms up nicely during the day and cools off at night.

I’m looking forward to my GR/World Championship trip to Europe but it’s going to be tough to leave this guy for three weeks. He has been so busy lately and is just starting to crawl/stand up. At this rate by the time I get back he’ll be riding his Hot Walk all over the house.

I wonder if I still get jet lagged…….


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