I got these gloves one day too late in Boulder.

This past weekend was the US Open of Cyclocross/Boulder Cup up in Boulder, CO. If the race wasn’t in Colorado I would have skipped it. I knew the form wasn’t great after my Worlds performance last week but when there is a UCI race you can drive to from Durango you have to give it a shot.

So I pulled the bikes off the wall in the garage, made sure the tires were still glued  on. A few wheels needed some love but for the most part the bikes were good to go. We loaded up the truck on Friday and the family made the 6:30 hour drive up to Boulder. The nice thing about driving is I can bring all my stuff, including the dirt jump bike.

I was hoping to do a few laps of the reservoir course when we got there but after less then 5 minutes I had at least five goat heads in each tire and my sealant tubes had run out of sealant. I also flatted two sealant tubes on Saturday warming up for the race on my clincher wheels luckily. Then, when we got back to Durango I noticed Coop also had two flats on the stroller, had to break out the patch kit.

I usually really enjoy the Rez course but Saturday was a rough one for me. I was stuck in 1 gear for most of the race and then it just went backwards from there. With 4 laps to go a blister I had been working on all race popped and I could barely hold on for the rest of the race. I have a good picture of it but its gross so I won’t post it. That’s why I got those sweet road gloves with the padding for the race on Sunday. I rolled across the line for 11th and was happy to let go of the bars for a while.

Sunday’s race at Valmont went a little better. I was able to tail gun the lead group for maybe the first 1/3 of the race which was a big improvement from the pervious day. Eventually the pace was too high and I popped off. Troy and I were riding together chasing for a while but eventually settled for 6 and me 7. I have never seen so many guys crash on a dry course before. The first couple of laps guys were going down left and right and I was constantly dodging bodies which worked out well for me since none of those guys managed to reconnect with the lead group.

I usually have much better results in Boulder but the race is usually 6 weeks later so I’ll settle for those results and enjoy some downtime now.

Did you know you can update your Quark power meter with a Wahoo key for your iPhone? How amazing is that? With the latest firmware update you don’t need to run the magnet anymore either. The technology sure has come a long way. This little adapter makes it all happen.

Yesterday was the Dart’s birthday. It sure is weird being at the World Cups and World Champs with out him around. I don’t notice it as much during the domestic races because he didn’t really race here much but at the international stuff there is this big void. Sure do miss that guy.

Well since I’m taking a break I also let my diet go. Not that I am very good at keeping it in check during the season anyway. It’s not that I eat a lot different then I do during the season, I just don’t feel bad about when I’m on a break. So because of that, it’s chocolate chip pancakes covered in Nutella for breakfast for a few weeks. That is an offseason treat:)

So what’s up next? I have about 10 days downtime right now where I’ll try to get my core back on track and even start to get my running legs back under me. That’s not to say I’m going to run for hours everyday, just a few times during my off time so that I’m not sore by the time I start training. Same thing goes for the core. I’m not very good at staying on top of it when I’m on the road and since I just got back from a 3 week trip to Europe and a 3 week altitude trip before Leadville I haven’t had solid core work in over a couple months. I use to force myself to get as out of shape as possible and take at least 3 weeks off between MTB and CX season. As I’ve gotten older and the seasons have started to blend I try to fit in more small breaks where I try not to get completely out of shape. It’s not that I’m opposed to getting out of shape, I think it helps me but there always seems to be a semi important event right around the corner that I need to maintain some fitness to get ready for. I’m not complaining, just noting how my training has changed.

I wonder how this CX blister is going to affect my golf swing today……


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