Fontucky HC Race Report

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We were back in Fontucky for round two of the US Cup/ PROXCT this weekend. I gotta give a huge shout out to Scott Tedro for putting these races on and keeping Olympic Mountain Bike Racing alive in the US. Not only do we have live coverage of the races that I believe is as good or better then the Redbull WC coverage but he also has gotten over twenty nations to compete in each of his first two events. That is a huge and we’re lucky to have him.

Well back to the race…. Meg, Coop, Winston and I spent the week between Bonelli and Fontana down in Oceanside hanging out at Ned’s house. We had a chill week but Coop came down with a really bad fever and Meg spent a minimum of 3 hours each night at the urgent care. He wasn’t really getting better so we decided it was better for the family to head back to Tucson rather then make the trip back up to Fontana. It must have worked because when they got back home Coop’s fever was gone and he was feeling much better. We did get to go to the beach one day before he got sick:)


So Fontucky is probably the longest running National Series event still going on. The area isn’t pretty, right off the highway. The course is littered with graffiti and we have been known to get shot with paintballs while racing. The trails are awesome though and it’s a great course for racing. This year the course was really blown out from the drought and all the amateurs and 120 pro men and 60 pro women busting out tons of laps. That just made it more technical though so it was great.

I was optimistic after getting my first race of the year under the belt in Bonelli that i would be better in Fontana. I’ve also won there a few times in the past so I have some good memories of the course. With a stacked field I found myself in the lead group right from the start and on the front for a good portion of the first few laps. Midway through I started to loose power and fought hard to hang on for 6th. Sometimes I really hit the wall and drop like a rock when things go bad but this year I was able to keep it together and only drop a few places, rolled in for 6. Not a great result but with the field and the way I gave it everything I was happy, better then the week before. The course took it’s toll on riders this year with lots of crashes. I think it was a combo of a stacked field that had everyone on the limit and a blown out course that could be ridden fast but had to respected. You had to pick your spots to push it or the course was pushing back this year.

Sunday was the classic Fontana STXC. Again I had a good start and just at the end of the first lap I was on Kohei’s wheel when Gange crashed around a blown out turn behind us and instantly we had a gap with Finsty. The three of us rode together for a few laps before I put in an attack and got the gap. It seemed like a good idea until I looked up and we were only six minutes into the race. I timetrialed for the rest of the race and was able to ride in alone for the win. It was a great way to get my first win of the year.

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I had great support with the mechanics Brad and Mike. I rode the S-Works WC Epic both days with 90 psi front shock/ 110 psi rear shock. I also ran S-works Renegade rear 25 psi, S-works Fast Track front 24 psi. The bike worked great and I would chose the same setup again for sure. I bumped up the shock pressures for the smooth STXC on Sunday.

After the race it was a race to get back home to the family. Finsty and I tied on the race home. Next up I’m doing the Starr Pass Marriot Triathlon this weekend. It will be my first tri ever and I don’t even have to leave my neighborhood to do it. Check it out here:

And you can catch the replay of the Fontana HC race here(think it’s the first ever UCI HC race in the US)

And one more thing, where was the media these past two weeks? We had Olympic and current World medalists competing from all over the world and I couldn’t find one report about the race online. I hope they show up for Bonelli number 2.

I wonder what Troys’ doing right now…..


One response to “Fontucky HC Race Report

  1. Great race Todd, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the race here on your blog. I appreciate the time you spend sharing your life experiences balanced between racing, training and family.

    Your thoughts on the media coverage (or lack thereof) of these past two weeks of US Cup racing caught my interest. Particularly in contrast to the fantastic around-the-clock coverage of the Absa Cape Epic that concluded on the same day as your victory.

    I agree that it’s fantastic that Olympic Mountain biking is getting more attention through live coverage and streaming video online. I always hope that sports networks, such as Universal Sports Network (that gives lots of attention to cycling — usually the big European road races) will pay much more attention to the growth of Mountain Bike racing at all levels, and devote more programming hours to our sport. I wonder if some sort of “summit meeting” of US Cycling, IMBA, NICA and other groups that promote competitive mountain biking could lead to the development of a marketing and media campaign to put mountain biking coverage on a level par with other Olympic sports in the US. Perhaps some of the Absa Cape Epic folks could be consulted for their marketing flair, as they do a brilliant job branding their Race as “Tour de France” of Mountain Biking.

    You are, however, making a difference. I think strong showings by you and Lea Davison against these international fields do bring positive attention to our sport, and you are our ambassador not only to the professional circuit, but you two are our most visible champions in the sport.

    Again, Congrats Todd and good luck on your Triathalon this weekend!

    Gary Williams

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