Cross Training

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In keeping with my theme of mixing things up this fall I went to Clif Bar last week for the CykelScramble. We had a great athlete panel discussion at the Sports Basement on Thursday night but the real fun was on Friday and Saturday when we got to ride and race the Scramble course.

The course was a mixture of man made wooden skate park ramps, bowls, dirt rhythm sections, hanging sand bags and plenty of pedaling. It was probably the closest I will ever come to riding Hell Track from the movie Rad. We were on teams of 4 and I had Eric Porter, Kirt Voreis and Cason Storch as teammates so we were stacked with skills. They were throwing 360s and no handers over the spine jump and I was just trying not to crash. Everything Clif Bar does is top notch and super fun, this was no different. The riding and festival were awesome and the bands they had were amazing. I wish every race was like this. It was perfect weather in Marin and I’m already looking forward to next year.

This weekend I swapped the dirt jumper for the CX bike and headed off to Providence, RI for the KMC Cyclocross Festival. It was a C1 and C2 race so all the best guys in the US were there. I had a 4th row call up which isn’t ideal but no too bad considering I only did a few weekends of racing last year. It was nice to be traveling and racing with my brother again. We had high hopes on Friday for a muddy race after riding in 48 degree rain but by Saturday the moisture had stopped and the winds kicked up. The course was super tacky by the time we started.

I had a solid race in a group vying for 7-10 by the end after working my way up, I got 10, not so good. I always race better on Sunday and I found myself in a little better position after the start then the previous day. I managed to be part of the race and put in some digs in the chase group. This time I ended up racing for 3-6 and ended up 6. Jeez, I gotta work on my finish.

I was so much fun to be back out on the CX scene. I am missing that depth you need in CX, the only time I suffer like that on the MTB is in World Cups and I haven’t done those in 2 years. I’m hoping to increase my CX schedule this year and try to get some of my speed back.

It was awesome having these guys in the pits for me.

Richard from SRAM. This guy loves CX more then anyone I know.
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and Myron, this guy can make anything work.

I added a link for my Cycling House MTB camp this winter in Tucson on the homepage. If you live somewhere cold and want to have a blast in the middle of winter riding your bike in the sunshine this camp is for you. I have been looking forward to this camp since last year.

Next week I’m heading back out to Marin for a fundraiser ride for the Whole Athlete team. Dario runs an amazing program and a lot of talent has raced in those jerseys so I am honored to be invited out. All about getting and keeping more kids on bikes.

I wonder what Coop is doing right now…….


3 responses to “Cross Training

  1. Would you beable to make it to our race Frosty Cross this year Nov 28-29th Le Mars IA , we have juniors coming from all over the Midwest and I wou love to have you give them a skills clinic. Please let me know

    • Hey Monte,
      Thanks for the comment. I don’t know if I can make it or not the Frosty Cross. I will let you know as the date gets closer. I would say I probably can’t but you never know so I will keep you posted.

  2. I loved the reference on Rad! It seems like it was a wonderful course. Something I’d rather watch being ridden on than riding on!

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