Wrapping Things Up


It has been a long time since since this site got some love. With my final race of the year looming I thought I better get on it.

This season has been a challenge. I have been thinking a lot about a quote I read from Alex Howes somewhere along the way talking about form. It went something like this: “sometimes you trip over it walking out the door and other times you hunt for it high and low over mountain passes and never capture it” or something like that. This year felt like I was constantly hunting and never quite capturing. I got close a few times but was never able to latch onto it.

I also decided to do much more CX then in the past which is funny since it just seems to be prolonging the agony. Anyway, the last race I posted about was Boulder so I’ve been on the go quite a bit since then.

Cinci3 is a great weekend of CX in Ohio, the only problem is it falls on Halloween so I don’t get to go trick or treating. Luckily Coop got lots of candy for me so I didn’t miss out too much. I thought by Cinci I would have my CX form coming around but it wasn’t to be. The courses were great, especially day 2 of the Pan Am Champs. There were lots of hills, off cambers, technical sections and a little bit greasy. I wasn’t able to make much out of it though but I felt like it gave me the training I needed for a bigger goal the following week in Michigan, The Iceman.

On the way to Iceman I stopped by Chicago and visited the new SRAM headquarters. The place is cool(in the new Google building) and there are so many awesome people working there. They have a test track circling the perimeter of the office but would you expect anything less. It is everything you would think the world’s leading component manufacturer would be. They even have this guy constantly looming over them(the small one with the mustache).

Next up was Iceman, the largest participation point to point MTB race in the US. It is also in Northern Michigan in November where the sun begins to set about 12:30 in the afternoon. The weather was great this year right up until race day when temperatures dropped and some precip rolled in. It wasn’t too bad once we got out there though and even better when my brother Troy rolled off the front in the single track 20 something miles from the finish. I was able to sit back, cover moves and celebrate with him at the finish as he took the coveted Ice Trophy, $6K check and all the accolades that go with being a Champ.  Here he is attacking early on.

After a little bit of celebrating I was on my way to San Pancho, Mexico to meet up with Meg, Coop and her family for a pre-Thanksgiving family get together and what I hoped would be a good training camp and mental recharge. The trip didn’t go quite as planned, I wound up getting some sinus/ear/throat infection and spending most of the week in bed on antibiotics. Not the ideal mental break or training camp I was looking for going into my next round of CX races in NY the following weekend.

From Mexico we all went straight to NY for the Super Cup races and spent the week with my family. I was finally able to do some training again and we had awesome weather too. Coop had a good time riding around the woods in NY and loved playing in the leaves(he takes his bike and helmet everywhere).

Needless to say the Super Cup races didn’t go so well. I thought it was gonna be rough after so much time off the bike but cycling is a funny thing and you’re never sure how things are gonna go till you line up so I gave it a shot. The course was my favorite of the year with tons of ups and downs and quite a bit of mud too which always makes it fun. It was a short drive from my family’s house as well, it’s always nice to sleep in a familiar bed.

After NY it was back to Durango for some training and then down to Tucson before flying out to Jingle Cross.I haven’t been to Jingle in nearly 4 years and I’m looking forward to Mt Krumpit and seeing the whole Iowa crew again. It has snowed every year I’ve been here but now that it’s not on Thanksgiving weekend we have beautiful weather with temperatures in the high 40s. Maybe I’ll be able to feel my toes and fingers at the end of the race tonight. If not I’ll be able to warm them up soon enough back in Tucson

I wonder what Coop and Winston are doing right now…..


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