Off Season

14115389_1066538880108390_4323876390669922023_oThis picture sums up what my offseason has felt like so far, tough. After such an amazing year I was hoping to enjoy it for a few weeks before starting my training again for more races in November/December. Nearly everything this race season went perfect and it’s been just about the opposite so far this fall.

After Breck Epic I got a cold but had committed to a race in Nogales, Mexico just across the border from Tucson so we loaded up the family and drove down. Normally if I just keep it rolling and can get through a race my immune system gets a boost and I get better pretty quick.

The race was all dirt road but some really beautiful areas. We did a long two thousand foot climb in the beginning and then it was basically all down hill from there. We crossed the Santa Cruz river a bunch of times which was awesome since by late in the race the temperatures were starting to climb and there wasn’t much shade. I managed to get the “W” and put the cap on what has been an amazing year. Thanks for having me Mexico.

Coop loved the Horchata by the way….

We drove back to Tucson after the race and I was feeling pretty good, that didn’t last long though. Even staying at the JW and floating around the Lazy river couldn’t get me feeling good. I had to revert to a trip to the Urgent Care and  a round of antibiotics. The pool sure was nice though.

A few days later we were back in Durango and I was still feeling under the weather so I had to pull the plug on the Vail Outlier race. I had really hoped to go since Meg’s family lives there it’s always nice to see them plus the riding in the fall in CO is amazing. I was hoping to finally have a good race in Vail, instead I was stuck at home.

I did manage to finally start to feel better and start training again. I got feeling just good enough to go the dentist and get two cavities filled, two days later I was sick again and in need of another round of antibiotics. During that time I also had an MRI done on my knee/hamstring that has been bothering me all season. I was scheduled to go out to Marin for the Clif Bar Sykle Scramble to help the Jail baiters defend the title we won last year but I was laid out so I couldn’t make that one either.(

I did manage to get healthy finally and was up in Boulder at CU Sports Medicine getting some work done to my leg. It’s nothing serious but as a endurance athlete once you irritate something it’s very hard to calm it down when you’re training all the time. So now I’m on a two week break from riding so the family is headed to Talum, MX for a few days of what I hope will be a proper vacation. Coop is over his latest ear infection, Meg is getting over the cold I gave her and hopefully some salt water will fix the rest.

I’ll be doing something with NICA out in Texas later this year and am optimistic to be fit enough to hit a race or two in November. Might take me a little while to get back up to full strength but maybe I can target some CX races later in the year.

I wonder if Ned is gonna have some good candy for Coop this Halloween…….


One response to “Off Season

  1. Thanks for sharing Todd. It’s so cool to read the struggles you go through as a professional athlete. It sounds a lot like a normal person….. wait… you are a normal person! (Just Kidding) I hope you and the family get well soon!

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