Fall Training


It’s always hard to juggle multiple disciplines/seasons. When I first started racing I would go from a full season of mountain bike, two weeks off and then straight to cyclocross through December. Then, as I started to have a fuller MTB schedule, I would take three weeks off and do some training before jumping into cyclocross towards the end of the season with just enough races to get fit for Nationals. The past five years as I’ve started to focus more on the longer events I have also thrown La Ruta into the fall schedule so it has been tough to do much cyclcocross.

This year I was hoping to race La Ruta again after a year off  but it wasn’t to be. I took a good amount of time off the past two months to deal with an injury that plagued me since January, something I haven’t done in the fall since I started doing endurance races. It was tough getting going again but it feels good to be somewhat “fresh” heading into November. I knocked out a small base block and have just started doing some intensity. I have Iceman coming up next week and I know it’s gonna hurt more then last year but it feels good to be excited to race rather then just going through the motions at this point in the year.

I’m excited to see how taking a big break will translate into my cyclocross form. I haven’t had many good cross races the past few years and I’m not sure if it’s from not having a good reset in the fall, not having the intensity of the MTB World Cup anymore or everyone else is getting faster. For cross y0u need a high level of fitness but also be in a good mental place where you are wanting to suffer. It is such an explosive style of racing that if you aren’t fresh and excited heading in, you need a super high base level of fitness to compete. All that said, I’ll find out how I’m doing in NY, the weekend before Thanksgiving at the Supercross Cup.


Okay, enough training talk, I’m wishing Steve Tilford a speedy recovery. If you don’t know he had a bad crash a week or so ago and hit his head pretty bad, I’m sure he’s going to be back on the bike in no time. Tilly and I were teammates way back in the day on the Mountain Dew team. He is actually a pretty good barber though you wouldn’t know it from looking at his own hair:) I learned a lot from him my first year on the team traveling all over US and the World.


In other medical news, Coop got his tonsils out last week. Here he is pre-surgery, I don’t know if it’s better or worse having no idea what’s about to happen. It has been a rough week or so but he’s finally starting to feel better. On the plus side for him he’s been getting extra chocolate milk and ice cream so it’s not all that bad.


This weekend is the 10 year anniversary of the Devo MTB program. It is hard to imagine Durango with out this amazing group and nearly every kid in town has been through this program at some point. When you live here it seems normal and you think every town must have a similar program but we’re really lucky to have such great people getting more kids on bikes.

If you were thinking about coming to my Cycling House Camp in Tucson this January, you’re gonna have to wait until next January because it has filled up already. Hopefully anyone that was wanting to come got in.

That’s about it for now, the weather in Durango has been amazing this fall and the daytime highs are still reaching into the low 70s. That means the trails are still flowing and it’s just about warm enough now for me to get out there.

I wonder what the weather is gonna be like for Iceman next weekend…..


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