I forgot I don’t have a schedule page on this site anymore so I thought I would give a brief update of what’s happening for the next month or two. Oh yea, and happy Halloween.

This photo is of some of the stuff I’ll be using this weekend at the Iceman. It’s fairly easy to see what bike/gear someone uses for a race. I try to give a little more in depth information with tire/shock pressures, compounds, casings, etc… This stuff though might not be so easily recognized by a picture.

I’ll start with the Clif Shot, Double Expresso always gets me going. I’ll probably eat at least 2 on Saturday. That’s a lot of caffeine but nobody goes to bed early after the Iceman, there’s too many parties to go to.

Next up is the Turbine. Most you of probably don’t know what that is but have most likely seen the breathe right strips on many athletes, well this works like that only better. Instead of falling off and offering a small increase in nasal airflow, this stints your nose from the inside out. It doesn’t fall off and definitely opens up your nostrils. I have been using it most of the season and can say with out a doubt it increases the amount of air I take in through my nose.

Last but not least is a new product I’ve been testing, Topical Edge. It’s a new way of buffering lactic acid. In the past if you wanted to load for a big event you would spend a few days consuming a bunch of sodium bicarbonate. The results are great but traditional loading always messes with my stomach since it is also used as a laxative. This new Tropical Edge allows you to get the same lactic buffering benefits as traditional loading but you do it transdermaly through the skin. It delivers the sodium bicarbonate directly where you want it simply by rubbing a lotion on your legs and doesn’t get processed through the stomach.

Okay, enough little secrets on to the schedule.

11-5 Iceman. I’ve discussed this one in detail but a short recap; awesome race, biggest point to point mtb race in the US with over 6,000 participants, great prize money $6K to win, fast group racing, in Traverse City, MI so it can be horrible weather but this year looks awesome.

11-12-13 Texas NICA Camp; Georgia Gould and I are gonna go hang out with a bunch of kids from the Texas NICA chapter and ride bikes for the weekend. I’m going to enjoy going to Austin with out the pressure of racing.

11-19-20 Supercross Cup, NY. This will be my first CX race of the season. It’s funny to think the CX season in the US is 2/3rds over and it’s not even November yet. I liked it better when it started in late October and was the only thing happening on the schedule at the time. Anyway, gonna shake the cobwebs off and see if I can remember how to ride the skinny tires in the mud(hopefully)

11-27 Carta MTB 120, Cabo San Lucas, MX. O yea. This is the race I’m looking forward to the most, 120 k MTB race in Cabo. I’ve never been off the mainland in MX so I can’t wait to see the Baja peninsula. Don’t know anything about the course but all the pictures of the area look amazing.

12-3-4 Ruts and Guts, OK. Another CX race, this time a C1 so I would assume most of the top guys will be there though I don’t know if there is a World Cup around that time. I’ve never been to Oaklahoma but the race venue is near Tulsa and they know bike racing out there so I’m sure it will be an awesome event. December usually brings some moisture as well so it could be a messy one.

I’ll take a look at how things go over the next month or so and decide if I’ll keep it rolling or reset for next year. If I keep it going there are a few more UCI CX races in the US for the season and of course National Champs.

I wonder how much candy Coop is going to get tonight…..


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