Everything is BIGGER in Texas. This is  a 155 pump gas station called Buc-ee’s. It has the “cleanest restrooms in Texas”. I would have to agree, I’ve never seen so many rows of sparkling urinals in my life. Georgia and I were out at the Sacket’s ranch with about 80 NICA kids and family’s two weeks ago for an awesome clinic. It is so cool to see the movement that is NICA and all the people that work tirelessly to make it happen. We got to spend Saturday and Sunday getting to know some awesome kids and great mountain bikers. Huge thanks to Texas for the great hospitality and good luck in the upcoming season, from what I’ve seen we’re gonna have some fast riders coming out of the Lone Star state very soon.


After TX it was back home in time for the weekly CX workout before packing the bikes and heading east for the Supercross Cup(my first cx race of the season). Last year I did quite a few cross races but had horrible results. I think it was a combo of a poor season, trying to find a new job and just not building any momentum. This year I had an awesome season, a great new team and feel like I have a good base to build on.


Before the weekend’s racing I got to spend some time on the other side of the Tappanzee bridge with some NICA kids from the Hastings area. It has been an awesome year getting to see so much growth on the high school side of the sport and being able to be involved is a big honor. I even got named an Honorary Board member, how cool is that?

NY around Thanksgiving is normally freezing cold and often quite wet. Lining up on Saturday we all had on shorts and short sleeves, not even any jackets on the start line. The course at Rockland Community college Myles and his crew designed was a lot of fun. The venue is on a big sidehill so there was plenty of elevation, lots of off cambers, some rideable stair type feature and a set of bunny hoppable barriers. I had a good start to the season, my leg felt great, I didn’t have any crashes and I rolled in for 5th place. I was digging some new Maxxis tubulars I was riding and the Zipp 202s as opposed to the 303s I had ridden for the past 10 seasons? The Scott Addict CX bike works great and I love the geometry and the clearance between my foot and the front wheel while turning.

img_5823Sunday was more typical NY weather, I woke up to a frigid wind rattling my hotel window and a blanket of fresh snow on the ground. The course went from fast and dry to a muddy tractor pull. I got a full season worth of CX conditions in 2 days and got to practice my bike changes all day with my Dad. I went from 33 psi to 21 and fast Raze tires to full on mud tires. I had a few crashes and when I wasn’t breathing through my eyeballs I had a big grin slipping and sliding through the off camber course. The wind was blowing so hard it blew a bike over in the stand and snapped the derailleur right off(not my bike). There was chamois cream and wash buckets blowing through the parking as the sun dipped down. I moved up on slot to 4th on day 2 and put a seasons worth of abuse on my equipment in little over an hour, it was everything cross is supposed to be.

I got to spend Thanksgiving back in Durango with the family and now I’m in route to Cabo, Mexico for 120km MTB race. I just got my IT from the promoter today though and sandwiching the race I’m swimming with sharks and sea lions so it shouldn’t be all pedaling. I get back and head straight to Broken Arrow CX in OK, a race I’ve never done before so this fall has been filled with new adventures, couldn’t ask for anything more.

I wonder what Coops’ doing right now……


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