Full Swing


I was doing so well on keeping the site updated but hit a road bump for a few weeks. I’m back now so hopefully I’ll get a post up weekly or at least biweekly.

After a tough race at Marathon Nat’s I had a good fat tire crit at Grand Junction Off Road snagging second behind Kabush. The Backcountry didn’t go so well though, I was suffering from the start but faking it well enough. I cut a tire on Butterknife probably 30-40 minutes into the race, fixed it and flatted again. I was out of spares and a looooong way to the techzone and decided to pull the plug. I hate DNFing but I couldn’t ride the flat on the rocky trail for long on a carbon rim with out destroying the wheel/myself. I walked for an hour back to the road through the desert, had the blisters on my heels to prove it:)

I finally had a chance to get some good training in again back in Durango before the next races. I wasn’t going to race in Vail last weekend at the GoPro Games but I figured I might as well since I didn’t get to race very long at Grand Junction. Troy and I did some big rides, here is a gas station on the Navajo Dam ride, it’s something inside.


Made a last minute decision to go to the GoPro Games. The course in Vail is tough, straight up and back down the ski slop 3 times. Howie is always good there so this year I decided to just ride my own pace and not worry about guys going up the road. At 9,000 ft when you go over your limit it takes a while to come back. I managed to have one of my best ever races 2nd to Howie and didn’t even feel that bad at the end. I just kept it steady and actually enjoyed it a bit.

Troy and I raced out of Vail right after the race to make it home for Coop’s nanny’s 21st birthday. It was rough Sunday after racing, driving 6 hrs back to Durango and staying out until 2 AM. It felt like I was back in the NORBA days. I chalked it up to training for the Blitz a few days later.

So one day at home and I was off for one of my favorite races of the year; Blitz, Bikes, Beer. Coop has been enjoying being back in Durango, he’s got us at the BMX track nearly everyday. He just got a bigger gear so maybe he will be able to make it up all the jumps soon. His diet is consists of at least 75% Clif Kids Z bars.

Arrived on the last flight into Bend at midnight, feel like I’m turning into a night owl. The race was awesome as usual with fun trails, tons of spectators and an even bigger jump/drop at Tetherow golf course. I rode with Kabush for most of the race. He attacked me on the cart path climb on the golf course heading up to the jump and got me by about 10 seconds. I did have my best ever chug though to claim 2nd. Crawled into bed around 2 AM again, more NORBA memories though I had a much better morning then a few days earlier.

No time to hang out at Back Porch Coffee Thursday morning, we loaded the van and headed south on the 7 hour drive to Carson City for the final round of the Epic Rides series. We made it in time to sneak in a quick spin before dark. Myron went out in search of food and I worked on an assignment I had due for a Mortgage Broker class I’m taking. It was another late night and I think managed to finally finish up the test and eat around 11pm, better then the previous night.

That brings us up to this weekend and the fat tire crit last night. I managed another 2nd place to Kabush. The race stayed together all night and we really nailed it on the last 2 laps. I thought I had it going into the 2nd to last corner probably 15 pedal strokes from the finish but Kaboom got in front of me and took the win. We had a great crowd and it was a safe/fun race. Managed to get to bed a slightly earlier last night and had some amazing Thai food here in Carson City.

Tomorrow is the big back country race and it’s a lap format this year since the normal course is buried in snow from the record setting winter Tahoe had. That said, we are also starting 1 hour early because they are having abnormally high temperatures, supposed to be in the mid to upper 90s tomorrow. With 7,000 ft of climbing and no shade it’s gonna be a scorcher.

I have been working on my new coaching website too so if you’re bored check it out, wellscoached.com . It has taken me a while to get up but now it’s good to go.

I wonder what Coops doing…..


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