Photo: Cathy Fegan-Kim
Photo:Blogs/FB – Catherine Fegan-Kim / Cotton Sox Photography

I have been pretty busy since the last update. The Backcountry at Carson City didn’t go as I had hoped, I think I ended up 8th after wilting the 3rd time up the climb. It was in the upper nineties, minimal shade and a lot of fast guys.

Since then I passed my NMLS (mortgage broker) class and National/State test. It was an intense couple of weeks but I finally knocked out the hard part. Now I’m just waiting on some insurance and fingerprint stuff ( not quite as invasive as USADA:) and I will have my license. In the meantime I went to my first closing last week so that was exciting. We’re licensed in Colorado and Florida right now, hopefully AZ by the end of the year. If you need financing or know anyone that does look us up Sinberg Capital Lending.

OK, back to the reason you read this site, bike racing. So in addition to studying I’ve been logging in the miles. The weather has been perfect in Durango, hot days and cool nights. I hear all the high country trails are open though I only have ridden a few of them. I did ride the new Fondo route for this year last week and it’s awesome. I would call it town and mid country with a very Breck/Vail feel for a portion of the course super close to town. Hoping the site and press release is live by the end of this week or next.

So the Crusher in the Tushar was this weekend. Last year the race crushed me. Squire dropped me at the base of Col de Crush, I got caught at the top and out sprinted for 2nd at the top. I cramped a few times and was working through a hamstring issue. This year went much better.

The blow by blow. We rolled out of town on the 9 miles of gradual uphill pavement at an easy pace. Squire blew a tire off the rim right at the start, changed it, chased back on before we even turned off the pavement onto the dirt. Good thing too because once we did World Tour rider Ben King rode tempo up the first dirt road climb, by the time we reached the top there were only a few of us in the group. Ben was riding a normal road bike with what looked like 25 or 28s and a 53/39 11/25 maybe. Not ideal for the dirt so after the first short downhill it was just Keegan, Rob and I.

At the top of Col de Crush heading out Squire dropped his chain setting Keegles and I free to plunge down the 4,000 or so foot descent. We raged the descent, ripped through Circleville before starting the double track slog back up the to the start of the Crush. We also almost ran over some giant snake on the sandy double track, gave me the willies.
TW_CX6T9906Photo:Blogs/FB – Catherine Fegan-Kim / Cotton Sox Photography

Halfway up the Col Keegles popped and Squire joined. Rob nailed it towards the top to take the KOM but we rode together after that the 15 or so miles back to the finish. This is Rob right as he caught on near the top about a KM before the KOM.
Photo: Cathy Fegan-KimPhoto:Blogs/FB – Catherine Fegan-Kim / Cotton Sox Photography

I attacked on the last dirt descent a few miles from the finish and gained maybe 10-20 seconds but Rob rolled back up to me midway up the climb. We did one more quick road descent before hitting the 1 mile climb up to Eagle Point ski area sitting at nearly 10,200. We rode side by side until about 300 meters to go when he hit the gas and I couldn’t respond. I was happy to roll in 2nd and keep it so close after giving him at least 10 minutes last year.

Burke does such a great job with the Tushar, if you ever get the chance to do it you won’t be disappointed. Just bring some strong tires and be prepared for a lot of climbing. The race finishes over 4,000 ft higher then it starts too so don’t plan to make up much time/distance on the descents.
Bike setup: Scott Addict CX, SRAM Hydro 53/39, 11/36, Zipp 303, Maxxis Rambler EXO TR 38 front 35, rear 39.

Coop also had a blast too but not as much fun as he had today riding with his favorite rider, Chris Blevins at Durango BMX.

Tomorrow I’m off to the east coast for the Julbo Eastern Grind in VT and XC/STXC National Champs in WV. I’m excited to get back to WV, haven’t been there since the NORBA days and I have some fond memories of that place.

I wonder if it’s gonna be a muddy couple of weeks……


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