What a great weekend! Huge thanks for everyone that came out to the Fondo and helped make it possible. I’m going to thank all our sponsors at the end of this post but first I’m going to post a bunch of pictures from the weekend courtesy of Kenny Wehn:

It was an early start for the 50, 7:30 AM:

The 15 had a more civilized start time, 11 AM:

The weather was perfect, cool in the morning, 75 ish in the afternoon and the trails were awesome after the rain earlier in the week. The views were pretty good too.

The aspens were starting to change up on Missionary Ridge, probably should have used a color other then yellow to mark the course (note for next year):

My brother Troy lead out the 15 mile:


Wilk was representing the old school with the Tioga disk:

Myron had the kitty shirt:

But most importantly we had a bunch of kids races:

But my biggest shout out has to go to this goofy guy, Gaige. Think he must have lost all his hair promoting races. He’s the guy that makes it happen, keeps everyone safe and is the key to the event actually happening. Thanks Gaige.

Now, gotta thank our title sponsor, Ice Friction for supporting me and the event. They provide the lowest friction treatment know to man for drive trains. If you target an event, train hard and don’t use this system you’re missing out. Also huge thanks to our other bike industry sponsors Topical Edge, Turbine, Juice Performer, Clifbar and Stan’s sealant. We had so many last minute registers we ran out of bags and hats. I was hoping to commandeer some of those sweet Clif backpacks, guess I’ll have to wait for next year.

And next, our local sponsors: Grass Burger, Chip Peddaler, Bread, Coca Cola, Homewood Suites, Trails 2000, Carvers, Ska Brewing. All the volunteers rocked, no one got lost or run over. And big thanks to the medical staff for donating their valuable time riding around with us all day, then going straight to work at the hospital for the rest of the night, thank you.

Can’t wait until next year, thanks to everyone for coming out……..


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